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Dura-Stick PLUS Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Dura-Stick® Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes

Dura-Stick Plus Electrodes have a blue foam backing that conduct electrons from the electrotherapy device into the patient and serve as a conductor and medium between the two. The Dura-Stick Plus Self-Adhesive Electrodes is a premium version of electrodes because it has Permagel Hydrogel to serve as a superior coupling agent to minimize skin-electrode resistance.

Features & Benefits
  • Carbon conductive firm incorporated into a flexible spun lace backing
  • Permagel™ Hydrogel for superier conformability to body contours

CH42193   Dura-Stick PLUS Self Adhesive Foam Back Electrodes 2″ x 2″ – Square (40ea/10pkg/cs)

CH42194   Dura-Stick PLUS Self-Adhesive Foam Back Electrodes 2″ x 3.5″ – Rectangle (40ea/10pkg/cs)
CH42219   Dura-Stick PLUS Self Adhesive 1.25″ Round Foam Back Electrodes (40ea/10pkg/cs)
CH42192   Dura-Stick PLUS Self Adhesive 2″ (5 cm) Round Foam Back Electrodes (40ea/10pkg/cs)
CH42196   Dura-Stick PLUS Self Adhesive 3″ x 5″ Oval Foam Back Electrodes (40ea/10pkg/cs)