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Neurotrac Sports NMES Unit, 2 Channel

  • Suitable for Sports, muscle toning, muscle rehabilitation and cellulite reduction
  • Digital Dual Channel STIM unit
  • 16 Built in Sports programmes for ease of use
  •  3 Customisable constant mode programmes
  • Ability to lock the unit
  • Records time in use and average current
  • User friendly
  • Compact, light and reliable
  • 15 Built in programmes
  •  LCD displays Intensity, Rate, Pulse Width, Time and programme Mode
  • Time setting up to 90 minutes
  • Constant Current (extends battery life)
  • Work / Rest periods from 2 – 99 seconds
  • Range: Rate: 2 Hz – 100 Hz, Pulse Width: 50 µS to 450 µS
  • Alternating and Synchronous between channel A and B
  • Lock mode function for recording time in use and locking the units parameters
  • Automatic switch off after 4 minutes if unit is not in use
  • User friendly
  • Programme: P1 Warm up
  • Programme: P2 Capillary
  • Programme: P3 Endurance
  • Programme: P4 Resistance force output 1
  • Programme: P5 Resistance force output 2
  • Programme: P6 Resistance force output 3
  • Programme: P7 Maximum force output
  • Programme: P8 Explosive force output
  • Programme: P9 Lipocytes Metabolism
  • Programme: P10 Muscle at Rest
  • Programme: P11 Mass Muscle Contraction
  • Programme: P12 Active Recovery
  • Programme: P13 Resume Training
  • Programme: P14 Muscle Toning
  • Programme: P15 Calming the Muscle Relaxing the muscles as much as possible and to promote the bodies natural endorphins to promote pain relief and to improve the blood circulation and provide oxygen into the muscle. Used on the Trapezius , Deltoid area of the shoulder, upper and lower Trapezius and neck area.


Example: Modulation time 10 seconds 150μS-250μS:- means starting at 150μS increasing exponentially (fast then slow) to 250μS in five seconds and returning (fast then slow) back to 150μS to complete the cycle in 10 seconds.

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