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Ready-or-Not Tots – Available Male/Female Multiple Nationalitie

A range of parenting simulation manikins to fit every need and budget. Cries at pre-selected intervals around the clock. Lifelike, newborn sized, 20″” long, soft vinyl body with movable head. They require the student/parent to give multiple tpes of care with easy recording for the student and quick evaluation and grading for the teacher.

At last! A cost-effective parenting simulator with the “day care” feature teachers have been asking for! Now the FIRST manikin to simulate a baby’s varying needs is even better! The Day Care Pause lets you pause the simulation so students can bring their babies to the “day care center” at school and continue the simulation at the end of the day. Use the baby sitting feature to interrupt the program during the day. After school, simply reactivate the program and return the manikin to the student to continue the simulation. The program will resume where the simulation left off in the morning. This provides a more realistic way of carrying out the simulation without interrupting other classes. After all, in the real world, teen parents are not allowed to carry their children with them throughout the school or work day. Teen parents must find proper day care, just as all other working parents. This feature not only makes it easier to conduct the simulations during the normal weekday, but also is a great way to introduce the subject of day care!

Manikin includes all the features of the Standard Ready-or-Not Tot® plus:
• Provides a teacher-activated Day Care Pause when needed during the school day.
• Cries, coos, and burps in response to appropriate care.
• Offers 4 different baby-tending programs where student must determine type of care:
• Three programs simulate normal baby-tending needs along with fussy periods in each program; 25-27 tending occurrences in each 48-hour program.
• A fourth, more demanding program simulates the more irritating cry of an alcohol or drug-affected baby; requires care 31 times during each 48-hour program.
• Care periods range from 5-30 minutes each.
• Includes a “panic” key for quieting difficulties without discontinuing the entire simulation.
• Alerts teacher if student has abused the simulator, panicked, or tampered with the control box.
• Easy-to-use teacher correction template allows for quick student evaluation.
• Anatomically correct.

Comes complete with one set of student keys, one set of teacher keys, reproducible parental consent form/permission slip, reproducible student response sheet, teacher correction template, diaper, 9V battery, and instructions.

SKU: WA18306U.